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Your one-of-a-kind chance

A unique opportunity to train alongside Olympic, world and European champions and to learn from them.

Experience three unforgettable days and be welcomed by friends, Olympic, world and European champions. You have the opportunity to train grassroots and professional Taekwondo together with the world stars and learn from them. (Poomsae, Hyeong, Ilbo, Ibo, Sambo, Hosinsul, sparring and the latest developments in tournament techniques). Please bring your own pads, chest guards and protective gear sets. To be welcomed by friends also means that all martial arts associations, clubs and schools are welcome.

Every guest trains with the world stars and experiences a great Taekwondo show from them on Saturday, receives a certificate of participation, 2 breakfast meals and gains lots of unforgettable memories.

A great value for as low as 69.00 €

World stars (more are coming soon) & registration fees

Taekwondo leaders

Dang Dinh Ky-Tu, DK
8th DAN, 2-time Poomsae world champion, 8-time Poomsae European champion, multiple-time international tournaments champion

Bahri Tanrikulu, TUR
3rd DAN, Olympic silver medalist Athens 2004, 3-time world champion, 2-time European champion, multiple-time international tournaments champion, Olympic Games participant Beijing 2008 and London 2012

Jaouad Achab, BEL
2nd DAN, Olympic Games participant Rio 2016, world champion 2015, World Universiade gold medalist, European champion 2014, multiple-time international tournaments champion

Cem Ünlüsoy, GER
3th DAN, 3rd place europe championship, 6-times German champion, multiple-time international tournaments champion, federal squad athlet

Yeonji Kim, KOR
6.DAN, 2 x world champion, 1x Asia Games Champion, National Coach DTU (Germany)

Irem Yaman, TR

2.DAN, 1x World Champion, 3x European Champion, Grand Slam Champion 2018

Elif Aybüke-Yilmaz, TR
4. DAN, 2x World Champion, 1x Vice World Champion, 4x World Cup 3rd place, 3x European Champion, 2x European Championship 2nd place, 1x European Championship 3rd place, 2016 World MVP

Tahir Gülec, GER
2.DAN, 1x World Champion, 1x World Championship 3rd place, 1x European Champion, 2x European Championship 2nd place, 1x European Championship 3rd place, 10x German Champion, Athleth at Olympic Games Rio 2016

Alexander Bachmann, GER

1.DAN, World Champion 2017, Millitary World Games 2015 2nd place, European Vice Champion, 2x German Champion

Dong-Eon Lee, KOR

5. DAN, Worldcup Champion 2012, Asia Champion 2012, National Coach DTU (Germany)

Fees & payment

Registration and payment until March 31rd, 2018:

Just 69.00 € for minors (up to 17 years old)
Just 89.00 € for adults (18 years old and above)

Starting April 1th, 2018, the following price ranges will apply to everyone:

109.00 € Registration and payment until May 15th, 2018

Since you are guests at friends, clubs and schools that have registered at least 5 participants may send a coach to participate in the camp free of charge.

Prices include abundantly diverse breakfast meals.

Parents of participating minors enjoy free entry to the Taekwondo camp, of course, as long as the parents themselves do not participate in the athletic activities. The accomodation at the Zweifachhalle and Gymnasiumhalle, as well as the protection by our security team at all halls are also available free of charge to accompanying parents. Drinks and food are available for a small fee.

Spectators are expressly welcome.

Payment by bank transfer to the following account:

Receiver/Beneficiary: Leopard Lengerich e.V.
IBAN: DE98 4015 4476 0001 1533 94

Currency: Euro

Purpose: Last name, first name of the participant …or…
Club’s or school’s name + number of participants

Depending on the bank or country, participants may need the following information as well:

Event organiser’s main address:
Leopard Lengerich e.V.
Münsterstr. 29
49525 Lengerich, Germany

Bank’s main address:
Stadtsparkasse Lengerich
Rathausplatz 5-7
49525 Lengerich, Germany

Please note:
International transfer fee arrangements between Taekwondo camp participants and their banks are to be paid by the participants fully.

Leopard Lengerich e.V. will not accept any bank transfers, or event registrations, if the (receiver/beneficiary) has to pay international transfer fees.

Event information & registration


The following timetable displays the schedule of the forthcoming event 3rdGlobal Taekwondo Camp. It will take place from May 27th through 29th, 2016, in Lengerich, Germany.

Earliest check-in time possible
Initial training
Training on three areas in different groups
Training on three areas in different groups
Lunch break

The world stars hold an autograph session during the lunch break
Lunch break

The world stars hold a photo shoot session during the lunch break
Training on three areas in different groups
Final training
World stars' Taekwondo show

Registration form & important information

The Global Taekwondo Camp’s registration form as a PDF document. We recommend that you complete the PDF document and send it to us as either an email attachment or by FAX:

FAX: +49-5481-9003570

A valid event registration and its entry fee amount are based on the timely delivery of two things; a filled out registration form as well as the corresponding payment receipt date.

You will receive a confirmation message from us when both conditions listed above have been met successfully.

Children, ages 13 and below, are allowed to participate only if accompanied by an adult supervisor. Minors, ages 14 and above, must bring a written consent signed by a parent or guardian.

No refunds will be made for non-participation.
The event organiser accepts no liability whatsoever for any personal injury or property damages.
Necessary short-term changes are always reserved.

Terms and conditions and privacy policy:

Participants wishing to partake in sport activities are healthy as well as resilient during such activities.

By sending a filled out registration form, individuals and clubs/schools assure that underage athletes have been given permission from a parent/guardian to attend the event. The event organizer thus delegates the responsibility of valid under-age athlete participation unto their home clubs/schools and parents/guardians. Under-age participants must ensure that the consent form is available during the event and must be handed to its organizers at their request. Failure to comply will lead to a disqualification from the event.

Instructions from event organizers, supervisors and security personnel are to be followed. Multiple disregards may lead to an exclusion from the event.

Participants alone are responsible for their own valuables.

Registrations will be processed and stored by the event organizer in electronic form (email or fax).

The event organizer points out to participants and parents/guardians, as the case may be, that the data submitted on the registration form will be collected, stored and used within the context and for purposes of the event. The event organizer is obliged to use the data in compliance with the German Data Protection Act only as a means to meet its own business purposes.

Event participants waive any moral rights as defined in copyright law. By partaking in the event, participants transmit any right of publicity to the event organizers, within the context of Taekwondo sports promotion and event marketing, and waives any claim within the meaning of copyright law. The privacy of individual participants will be, whenever possible, secured.

By submitting the registration form, participants agree that personal information such as their names, nationalities and clubs/schools will be published on the internet, in print form, as well as in films, videos or photos.

Accommodations, catering and further details

The Dreifachhalle Lengerich will serve as the sporting venue. You may use the Zweifachhalle Lengerich and Gymnasiumhalle, free of charge, as your accommodation. Please do not forget to bring your own sleeping bag and air mattress. You can always search for your own accomodation, if you prefer, as there are several hotels in and around the city.

Dreifachhalle Lengerich

Eduard-Lagemann-Strasse 1

49525 Lengerich, Germany

A diverse selection of food and beverages will be offered during the duration of the camp. Private security personnel will be provided, of course, to safe guard our guests at both locations at all times.

Hotel Café Maxx
Bahnhofstrasse 27
49525 Lengerich
Telefon: +49 (5481) 903960

Gasthof Prigge
Brochterbeckerstr. 60
49525 Lengerich
Telefon: +49 (5482) 9606

Hotel zur Mühle
Tecklenburger Strasse 29
49525 Lengerich
Telefon: +49 (5481) 94470

Hotel Drei Kronen
Landrat-Schultz-Str. 15
49545 Tecklenburg
Telefon: +49 (5482) 225

Hotel Bismarckhöhe
Am Weingarten 43
49545 Tecklenburg
Telefon: +49 (5482) 233

Hotel Leugermann
Osnabrücker Straße 33
49477 Ibbenbüren
Telefon: +49 (5451) 9350

You will be able to purchase LT54 Taekwondo tournament products & accessories on site at attractive prices!

We look forward to a one-of-a-kind weekend with you and wish everyone a safe and stress-free journey!